Monday, 4 December, 2023

Liam Payne Hospitalised: Fans left devastated, gig rescheduled!

Both shock and horror filled the 1D fandom last night as the OTRA concert was cancelled in Belfast.


The arena was already filled on 20th October when it was announced to the crowd that the show would not be taking place. They were told Liam Payne was unwell and could not perform that evening. This was the first time in 5 years that the boys had ever cancelled a show!

The news spread like wildfire as fans took to twitter to express their grief and worry. As ever in the One Direction fandom, a top trend was also involved as #GetWellSoonLiam was all anyone was talking about.

Fans were absolutely devastated about the possibility of Liam being injured, (we won’t even mention the blubbering mess that was the TwitCelebGossip team), and many pointed out it must be serious as the boys have literally performed despite having broken bones, throwing up, and poor Niall with his bad knee.

And if that wasn’t enough to get you totally emosh and cursing 2015 with it’s 1D filled bad luck, it was also announced that a full statement would be released in the morning. (We didn’t like the sound of that).

However, the statement merely revealed how appreciative Liam was of the support and a rescheduled concert date. (Phew!)

“Last night’s concert will be rescheduled for this Friday 23rd October. All tickets from last night’s postponed concert will be valid for Friday.

For anyone not able to attend the rescheduled show on Friday, please contact point of purchase for detail of how to obtain a refund.”

Now that’s all sorted, we’re going to make ourselves a nice cuppa and rewatch the Perfect music video that Louis so nonchalantly dropped on Twitter last night (as if there wasn’t enough drama going on!)

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