X Factor 2015: A loophole in the official app allows people outside the UK to vote for free!


A loophole has been found in the free X Factor 2015 app which allows non-UK viewers to vote for their favourite contestants.

©Thames / Syco Productions

The X Factor app has returned for a second time which allows viewers to be able to vote for free fives times each weekend, they could use all five votes on one contestant or split them.

The app is meant for viewers of the UK, not for people abroad.

A loophole has been found where people abroad can create a iTunes User Account with any British address, whereas on Android devices you only need to change your location to the UK in the settings.

Quite simple actually.

It’s also no secret as people have been sharing this loophole on social media encouraging other people to participate, which may influence tonight’s voting figures. Only time will tell.

TwitCelebGossip contacted X Factor asking for a comment, but they didn’t respond. 

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