This is why you won’t find Adele’s ’25’ on any streaming services!


    Gutted you can’t find Adele’s ’25’ on any music streaming services? This is why you’re finding it difficult…


    If you’re like us and raced to your mobile phone this morning to put Adele’s new album ’25’ on full whack – You were left extremely disappointed.

    Adele’s highly anticipated album, “25” won’t be available on any major streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify according to the New York Times.

    It seems Adele is pushing away from the digital age as reports suggest she was “closely involved” with the decision to dismiss the streaming sites.

    The major streaming services have not yet commented on the reported decision.

    Don’t worry though, there is an option to either wait it out and hope for the best – or the old-fashioned way and visit a retail store to buy the album from a human being.

    Adele’s first single from the new album was “Hello” which reached a sky-high record. It sold more than 1.1 million copies and the music video has over 400 million views.

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