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I’m A Celebrity 2015: Lady C’s fury causes the camp to explode!

Lady C was left furious after Tony and Jorgie refused to serve her, declaring revenge on them both!


Lady C, Chris and Kieron returned to Croc Creek from their night of luxury in the Jungle Boutique Hotel full of joy but the mood went very dark, very quickly and erupted into a huge row.

As they all sat round the fire waiting to hear stories of their sumptuous sleep over, Lady C announced that they were not going to tell anybody who supported Tony and Jorgie.

“Well that’s all of us so keep your mouth shut,” said Duncan. “All nine of us are 100% together so forget it.”

Lady C said that was fine and she wouldn’t tell them about their night but was curious to know the basis of their decision not to take part.

Ferne asked Lady C to explain the decision to pick Tony and Jorgie.

“The answer is the two guys wanted the both of them because they thought that Tony and Jorgie had complained about not doing enough and that it was boring.”

Kieron backed up Lady C by saying that when Jorgie was team leader she hated it because she didn’t have enough to do and wanted to do more. “There was no malice in our decision, maybe there was malice in your decision because you didn’t know if there were repercussions, you didn’t know if we were then not going to get food or not have a bath. I bet if Susannah, Yvette and Tony won the thing, someone would be going over there to be bellboy and chambermaid that is how I felt.”

Lady C emphasised that they made their decision (to choose Tony and Jorgie) out of consideration. “Tossers, tossers, the whole bunch of you!”

Brian told Lady C she was being rude by talking over people and got short shift in response. “Who the hell are you to speak about talking my dear, you have verbal diarrhoea, not only do you have verbal diarrhoea, you are so full of shit that if you ever took an enema you would disappear off the face of the earth without trace. Be careful who you take on dear baby boy, some people actually have sharper tongues than you, self-important little runt. Desperate for attention and can’t get any.”

Yvette explained that they had all been looking out for each other, even though Lady C chose to think otherwise, they still felt they were a group, a team.

Tony explained to the Lady: “We’ve paid you the utmost respect, we tried to help you from the moment you got into this camp so for you to start telling us we’ve not been respectful to you or tried to help you is an out and out lie and I’m not having it. I’m not out of line.”

Brian started to join in but was shut down by Lady C: “Oh shut up and let someone else have a chance to talk you are always shooting off your goddam motor mouth, just shut up.” Brian announced that he was done and he and Tony stood up to leave the group.

12307974_10153697268685406_6952270194554847889_oChris told them that if the roles had been reversed, he would have been happy to bring them food and water. “You wouldn’t know unless you were in that position.” suggested Brian.

“I’ve been in that position, I’ve had people hitting me and I don’t take it personally.” replied Chris.

Changing the subject, Duncan said he was keen on doing a trial which led Lady C to say: “That’s part of the problem, you are desperate for the limelight you vain old goat.”

Duncan laughed and said “Ooooooh, that’s a Lady talking.”

“You’ve obviously never come across a Lady that’s how Ladies talk,” she replied.

In the Bush Telegraph Tony said that Lady C had crossed the line: “She calls herself a Lady and that’s a bit rich, I think it was disgusting the way she spoke about me, Duncan and certainly Brian.”

Back in the camp Lady C turned to Brian to tell him: “Don’t you think we see right through you?”

And Yvette then exploded: “Lady C, Lady C shut up! You are a rude horrible woman at the moment and you have a nasty energy about you so be quiet. We are all sick of hearing your voice.”

As Lady C responded the camp made la la noises to drown her out. “Shout me down, shout me down, what I resent is that when I try and say something I’m shouted down, including by women,” she said looking at Yvette and Jorgie. As Yvette tried to say something, Lady C shouted: “Shut up and let me speak! If I’m not shouted down they completely ignore what I’ve said and do the opposite.”

Yvette told her she was a “rude woman, and there is no need for it.”
“I’m rude when the occasion warrants it.”

Yvette continued: “There is no need for rudeness, it’s such a shame because you ruin yourself by being so rude and there is no excuse for it.”

Brian chipped in: “You’re bitchy, this is bitchy.”

“Yeah, I’m bitchy when I’m speaking the truth about a bitch and you are a bitch,” she said.

In the Bush Telegraph Lady C added: “I think Brian is a bitch I thought it for some time, I think he’s manipulative, devious and the choreographer of many of the dance moves that have been taking place here.”


Tony told her: “You are an incredibly rude lady and whatever you get you deserve because you are not a nice person. Are you playing a game?”

Brian chipped in: “She is superior because her title makes her superior.”

“Oh you are an idiot, yet again motor mouth piece of crap,” said Lady C.

Jorgie, who was sat with Brian piped up: “I really liked and respected you Lady C, I had so much respect for you, all I’ve said is nice things about you and I’m really disappointed.”

“You’re disappointed well I’m disappointed in you my dear, you have no idea how I have been trying to promote you to the public,” said Lady C.

Later Jorgie was in tears in the Bush Telegraph as she said that Lady C reminded her of her grandmother and it upset her that she was losing respect for her.

Yvette meanwhile was chatting with Tony and Duncan. “That woman must have been bitten by a vampire when she was a kid, I hope she’s first out. She is so evil, honestly I’ve held it in for so long but it’s coming out now. I really want to turn round and just wipe the floor with her, there is no need for it. I just thought shut up, keep your mouth shut.”

In the Bush Telegraph Yvette continued: “I’ve never come across anyone like her before it’s so sad, what a shame she lets herself down by being so nasty. So what has happened is there is a split down the middle of the camp so you’ve got Kieron and Chris and Lady C and then there is the rest of us.

Who’s side are you on? Let us know!

I’m A Celebrity continues tomorrow night at 9pm.

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