Adele fans claim that personal data has been breached when purchasing 2016 tour tickets!


    Fans buying Adele 2016 tour tickets this morning have claimed that personal data has been breached during their purchase.


    Advance tickets were available for members to purchase this morning, but they ran into a few issues.

    Fans claim other peoples personal data including name, address and bank information appeared when they tried to purchase tickets.

    One fan wrote on Twitter: “Got through to buying tickets but it came up with someone else’s screen with their card details & home address for SSE.”

    Another Adele fan told us: “We eventually got tickets but were shown another persons name and address details when we tried to check out the first time”.

    The ticket sales were organised by Songkick, a concert ticket out firm.

    They said: “Due to extreme load experienced this morning, some of our customers were incorrectly able to preview limited account information belonging to other customers.

    “There’s no evidence that this included credit card numbers or passwords. We take the privacy of our users very seriously, and we’re looking further into the matter to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

    It appears a large number of people experienced this issue. Did you? Let us know in the comments below.

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