I’m A Celebrity 2015: The last night before the final!


The final 5 celebrities have had their last night in camp all together before the final tonight, where one of the final three celebrities will be crowned king or queen of the jungle.


The camp mates started to discuss their best and worst jungle moments.

Ferne said “You know what I’m like, I’m like optimistic and always focus on the high points and I had so many.  Honestly my high point was the snake trial.  I can’t put into words how terrified I was, it’s no secret to the fact I hate trials.  But bringing back 10 stars, you can’t buy that feeling, it was incredible”.

Kieron then spoke about his low moments, “My worst part was when Chris and Lady C left, I was so grumpy.  That was tough for me as I’d formed such a great relationship with them and didn’t have that bond with other campmates.  At the time when those two left I thought that was the end for me but it helped me develop stronger relationships”.

“So many high points to mention.  Letters from home, doing the job the I do, playing the fool for so many years I’d never heard my mum say she’s proud of me, I know she probably is but seeing it written down is another thing, so emotional” said Vicky.

‘The hardest part of this whole process is missing family.  That was my lowest point and Susannah gave me a hug and I burst out crying” said George.

“My lowest moments were being in Snake Rock when we had no food.  Disaster Chef! That was the most strongest I was, I ate three cockroaches live, that was horrific.  I don’t ever, ever, ever want to go back there ever.  So the best bit is meeting you guys and having support from you” said Jorgie.

“I’d like to thank you all for being part of the best experience I’ve ever had” said Vicky.

The phenomenal five were treated to a dinner of Morten Bay Bugs and a drink and had music piped into the jungle which they all danced along to merrily. Ferne and George did a little slow dance and toasted their best day in the camp so far. The evening ended with them pulling the names of fellow celebrities out of a bag and having to do an impression of them.

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The I’m A Celebrity final commences at 9pm tomorrow on ITV.

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