Strictly Come Dancing 2015: Final ends with 12 million viewers!


Strictly Come Dancing 2015 concluded last night on BBC One and it’s viewing figures were an astonishing amount.


The final began with the four final celebs reprising a previous routine as chosen by the judges, before returning to perform a show dance of their choice.

The scores over the first half of the night varied from a few perfect 40s to a rather disappointing 31.

Despite ranking the lowest on the judges’s scoreboard, it was Jay who received the most votes and was crowned the winner of Strictly Come Dancing 2015.

An average audience of 11 million tuned in to the first part of Strictly on Saturday night, this was up 350,000 viewers from last year’s finale.

The viewing figures peaked at 11.7 million when lines opened for the public to vote.

The second part of the final last night which aired from 9pm saw 11 million return.

Strictly Come Dancing returns next year.

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