Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Day 12 recap, Stephanie and Gemma argue and Angie threatens to leave!


Here is what happened in the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 house yesterday, during day 12 of the celebrities’ stay.


It’s the morning after Nancy was the second celebrity to be evicted from the Big Brother house.

After a sleepless night, Angie decides that she’s going to leave the house and begins packing her case. She tells Stephanie, “I’m done with it, it’s over.”

Christopher and Stephanie are in the garden discussing Stephanie’s reason for nominating Danniella. Stephanie says, “she knows she’s in the wrong, I think that’s why it’s winding her up more.”

David is not feeling well and is spending the day resting in Big Brother’s spare bedroom within the house.

Stephanie is talking to Danniella in the toilet about her killer nomination. Danniella tells her “I’m fine, don’t worry about it.”

Megan is telling Scotty T and Jeremy a story about an ex-boyfriend, “I haven’t cheated on a boy, but I’ve done something to get him back.” Jeremy asks “with his mate?” and Megan confirms. Scotty T says “you degraded yourself by having a one night stand with his pal.” Scotty T then leaves the bedroom saying “I can’t listen to this.” Megan is confused why Scotty T got annoyed at the conversation and Jeremy tells her “because he likes you.”


Kristina and John are in the kitchen discussing the other housemates. Kristina says she doesn’t get Tiffany, Gemma, Stephanie and Angie because “they say one thing, but then they act totally different.” Talking about Gemma, John says “you’re not Beyonce, you ain’t no Sasha Fierce, what is this two personalities thing? What is this I’m this person for TV and this person for real life. That’s twisted.”

Angie is talking to Big Brother and has decided to stay in the house, “I’m sorry I’m so cranky, but when I don’t sleep I just, that’s it.”

For today’s task, housemates have been split into two teams who must work together to balance a pair of scales with gunge. They’ve all been told that there will be two saboteurs trying to ruin their chances. But in fact, they’ve all been told secretly that they are the saboteur. If the task is successfully sabotaged, housemates will win a party. Anyone who is identified as being a saboteur will spend the night in Big Brother’s jail.

Gemma refuses to wear part of the task costume, telling Big Brother “I’m an Essex girl, I do not wear dungarees. Who wears dungarees? A painter and a decorator would wear dungarees, not an Essex girl.”


The housemates compete in the task.

Big Brother announces that the task has been successfully sabotaged as the scales do not balance. Big Brother then asks the housemates to name who they think the two saboteurs are. They pick Gemma and Christopher. Big Brother reveals that all housemates were secretly saboteurs and so they have won a party tonight. As a punishment for being identified as saboteurs, Christopher and Gemma won’t be able to attend the party and will be locked in jail.


Housemates are playing Big Brother’s party game, where one housemate must draw a question from the box and pick another housemate that matches the statement.

During the game Scotty T reveals that he would miss Megan the most if she left the house, Angie thinks Tiffany would be the best in bed, Megan would least like to be locked in a room with John, John believes Gemma thinks she’s above the other housemates, Gemma would choose Kristina if she had to evict someone right now and Darren thinks that Tiffany is the least famous housemate.

Gemma tells Tiffany “Kristina and John are the most boring people to have at a party.” Tiffany thinks that John took Kristina “on as his pet.”

Jeremy is talking to Christopher and Scotty T about Stephanie. He says “I’m worried about her, because she’s gonna look like a mug” and Christopherreplies “but aren’t you as well?” Scotty T then asks if they have kissed and Jeremy says yes “the other night under the sheets.”

Gemma tells Tiffany that she’s got her back in the house.


Jeremy and Stephanie are in the bedroom talking about their relationship in the house. He tells her “I’m not a dog” and “it’s too much, why are you doing it to me for? If you respected me and actually liked me you’d just walk out and leave me be” to which she replies “I love you too much to leave you on your own.” He then says that “the affection sh*t needs to stop. I’m finished” and “it’s like you want your cake and you want to eat it.”

Gemma and Danniella are discussing Stephanie and Jeremy. Danniella says “it’s not fair on him [Jeremy] and it definitely ain’t fair on the other fella.”

Jeremy and Stephanie continue their conversation in the living room. Jeremy asks “what do we do from here?” and Stephanie says “I’ve never been in this position before.”

Kristina, Scotty T and Megan are discussing Jeremy and Stephanie. Kristina comments, “he knows the f*cking truth that she has a boyfriend. He’s not going to come out looking good out of this. Scotty T says “it’s her man. He just f*cking getting dragged around and led on.”

Scotty T reveals to some of the other housemates that Jeremy and Stephanie “were kissing last night” and Danniella adds “that’s not the first time either.”

Stephanie and Jeremy return to the bedroom and are in bed together under the covers. Gemma thinks they are kissing and tells Stephanie “it’s so wrong what you’re doing, you’ve got a boyfriend. Stephanie replies “Gem, who the f*ck are you trying to speak to me like that?” and Gemma says “I think you’re acting like an absolute disgrace.” Stephanie then tells Gemma “I can’t wait for you to see yourself when you’re out of here like what a horrible monster you are. Your attitude stinks, you’re a diva and that’s why no one’s ever liked you” and “who are ya? You’re off TOWIE. What’s your talent? Nothing.”


Stephanie is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother, “Gemma’s a f*cking c*nt, I hate her” before going on to say “I took it too far being close toJeremy and I’ll never be able to forgive myself.”

Talking about Stephanie’s comments to Gemma, Megan tells Gemma “you didn’t deserve that” and “it’s her defence because she knows it’s wrong so she’s trying to put it on someone else.”

Darren asks Jeremy if he’s fallen for Stephanie and Jeremy says “100%”

Gemma thinks that after earlier Stephanie has “shown her true colours” and Megan reckons “she’s gonna leave.”

Stephanie is still talking to Big Brother, “if you let me back in that house I’m gonna end up doing something I regret. Either if that’s punching Gemma Collins in the face which she deserves. She’s a f*cking diva, big lion headed c*nt who’s an absolute knob and people that do like her need to give their head a wobble because she’s disgusting.”

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