Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Gemma Collins is immune from this Tuesday’s eviction!


Last night, Gemma Collins won immunity from the next Celebrity Big Brother 2016 eviction.

Celebrity Big Brother

During last night’s show, we said goodbye to Megan Mckenna, who received the least votes and was therefore evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

After Megan’s interview with Emma, Big Brother gathered the housemates for a game of “Forgotten Theatre”, with the prize being eviction immunity.

The housemates were also told that there would be no nominations this week, they would all be up for eviction.

However, housemates could win immunity in a series of challenges over the weekend, those who fail to win immunity by the end of the weekend will be facing eviction on Tuesday night.

The first immunity task commenced as the housemates entered the theatre and were told to each stand behind a podium of their choice. On each of the podiums was a music box, they were told to open the boxes to see if they had either a white mask or a gold mask. The one person who had the box with the gold mask inside would win immunity.

It was Gemma who had the gold mask and she has therefore won immunity from Tuesday night’s eviction.

However, just after winning, Emma teased her saying she will now have to make some “difficult decisions” over the weekend as a consequence of winning immunity.

Are you happy that Gemma won immunity? Let us know!

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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