Emma Willis worries she will give birth live on TV!


The Voice UK presenter Emma Willis has confessed she is worried about going into labour live on TV.


Back in December, Emma Willis revealed that her and her husband Matt were expecting, with the due date being in May of this year.

However, the Voice UK live shows begin in April, meaning if the little one comes early there could be some shocking scenes on BBC One this Spring.

“By the time it finishes I’ll be 8 months. I might make it or I might have a live BBC birth. Can you imagine?!” she said previously.

This week, she went on to reveal there is plan set in place if she does go into labour live on TV.

“I honestly haven’t prepared for the eventuality that it will come early,” Emma admitted. “And I probably should because there’s every possibility that it will.”

She quipped: “So I guess Marv will be doing it all by himself. Marv’s got his towels ready.”

Fortunately, whatever happens Emma has vowed she will not be quitting Big Brother, which will be starting again in May or June.

“No need to worry, I won’t be missing BBUK,” she tweeted last month.

Emma added: “I reckon the baby will come after The Voice ends and before Big Brother starts, so that should be OK. Matt will be on tour [with Busted], so it’s going to be busy. My parents are hopefully going to move in to help.”

For now, The Voice UK continues this Saturday at 7:15pm on BBC One.


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