Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Steph and Jeremy are moving in together! And there’s already talk of marriage!


Former Celebrity Big Brother 2016 housemates Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell have revealed that they are set to move in together.

Celebrity Big Brother

The love-birds have been out of the house for just over a week but the couple are not taking it slow, as they have already started looking for a house together!

In an interview with OK! Magazine this week, Stephanie revealed: “Our first night alone was amazing. “We didn’t see the point in waiting around, so we’re moving in together.”

“We’ve already started house hunting!” Jeremy added.

And if that wasn’t enough, the couple also talked about marriage!

“All my friends are going to take the piss out of me, but I can see myself marrying her,” Jeremy told the publication this. “It’s crazy that we’ve fallen for each other so quickly, but it feels right.”

The pair’s first valentine’s day was spent in Ireland where Stephanie met Jeremy’s family.

However, this romance hasn’t come without it’s problems as after being out of the house only a matter of hours there was already talk about tension between the two.

It came after former Hollyoaks star Steph, 22, “overreacted” after finding out that 23-year-old Jez would be heading off to Ireland the next day for a personal appearance.

“I’d had a few drinks and I was high on adrenaline so I was blowing it out of proportion.

“I’d only just got him back, I didn’t want him to leave me again. Looking back now I was going a bit over the top.”

But the pair assured the magazine that their relationship has gone from strength to strength after leaving the house, with Steph admitting to officially dumping her boyfriend Sam Reece over text message.

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