The Jump 2016: Beth Tweddle has been discharged from hospital!


More than a week after obtaining an injury during training for The Jump, Beth Tweddle has revealed she has been discharged from hospital!


Earlier this month, during training for the Channel 4 show The Jump, Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle fell on the slopes and had to be airlifted to hospital.

The injury required her to have an operation on her back and fortunately it was a success but at the start of last week Beth was unable to walk unassisted.

On Saturday, Beth informed her fans she was now able to walk unaided and thanked everyone for their support.

“The medical staff here in Austria have been fantastic and I couldn’t have wished for better people to be around me at this time. I’ve started to feel a lot better in the past 24 hours and I’ve begun walking by myself,” Beth said in a statement.

The Olympic gymnast continued: “It’s still a case of taking one day at a time, but I’m setting myself goals and I’m determined to be up and about as soon as I can. The doctors are happy with my progress and next week we will have a better idea of when I can be discharged from hospital.”

She added: “Thank you to everyone that has sent me get well messages. My Mum and Dad have been reading them to me and, one day, I’ll be able to reply to you all, it really has meant a lot to me, so thank you.”

And now today, she announced she has been officially discharged from hospital by the doctors although in the picture she posted on Twitter she is still wearing a neck brace.

“Hi Everyone I just wanted to let you know the good news that I am being discharged from hospital today,” Beth wrote.

Beth is one of FIVE celebrities who have been forced to quit this year’s series of The Jump due to injury with three new stars joining the line up during last night’s live show.

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