Sunday, 3 December, 2023

Our Latest JLS Competition!

This competition is now CLOSED!
Please do not enter, as it won’t count!
Winners Announced 1/4/13



Well Done to everyone who entered! About 1,000 of you did!
We have a NEW Competition soon, where you can have a chance to have pictures with CELEBS! Seriously! Follow us on twitter for the latest information about this new competition! – @TwitCelebGossip

JLSters! Get ready as TwitCelebGossip is about to bring you the BEST JLS Competition you have ever seen!

How To Enter:

1 ) Login to Twitter

2) Click This Link to tweet a tweet (onto your twitter), to be entered into our competition.

3) Follow @TwitCelebGossip

4) That’s It! Good Luck!


The prize for the winner(s) of our competition is to be able to send a message too the boys (JLS) maybe asking for a follow on twitter or just to tell them how much you love them!

Terms & Conditions

-You may tweet the link as many times as you like, this might guarantee you a win, in this competition-
-Your message will be delivered to JLS in person, but a reply is not guaranteed.-
-This competition ends SUNDAY 31ST MARCH 9PM (UK Time)-
-You may add numbers and letters at the end of the ‘x’ in the tweet for multiple entries.-
-SPAM is not acceptable.-
-There are more than one winner!-

More terms may be added soon. Good Luck!


Are you excited? Let us know below by leaving a comment! 

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