Ben Cohen crowned The Jump Champion 2016!


Tonight live from Jump Mountain in Austria the final five courageous competitors battled it out on the slopes to be crown The Jump Champion 2016.


England Rugby legend Ben Cohen, Superman actor Dean Cain, Eastenders actor Sid Owen, Wanted singer Tom Parker and the last lady in the competition, socialite Tamara Beckwith, all had their eyes on the prize – the coveted Cowbell Trophy. After six weeks of competition in an array of winter sporting disciplines, they were all prepared to push themselves to the limit in tonight’s final events – Snow Cross, Ski Cross and Ski Jump.

The first event of the night was Snow Cross. Four of the competitors had raced in the discipline earlier in the series, however, for Ben it was his first time but he wasn’t going to let that worry him. All five went head to head in the first race of the evening – the winner would be safe, the loser would face the Ski Jump and the three placed in the middle would race again to stay in the competition.

There was only one tactic – take Tom down. Having won the event earlier in the series, he was the one to beat and the other four knew the only sure fire way yo beat him, was to stop him.  These tactics didn’t pay off though as no one could catch Tom out the gate. He was way out ahead from the off, gliding down the course and winning easily. Sid failed to stay on his feet and came last, sending him straight to the Ski Jump.

In the second Snow Cross race Ben, Dean and Tamara had it all to play for with only the winner guaranteed a place in the next event of the night, Ski Cross. Tamara didn’t want to get crushed in a Ben/Dean sandwich but if the big guys failed to stay on their feet she might still be in with a chance.

Dean grabbed Ben out of the blocks pulling him back to take first place, putting Ben hot on his heels the whole way down. For Dean though it was all over when he fell just metres from the finish line handing Ben first place. Dean and Tamara would face the live Ski Jump along with Sid.

Facing the Ski Jump live for the first time in the final were Sid, Tamara and Dean. The pressure was on to jump as far as they could, as the jumper with the shortest distance would be out of the competition with their dreams of winning the Cowbell Trophy over.

Sid was up first, a great jumper in training who loves the event, landing an impressive 18.85m – a new Jump record. Tamara was next and the pressure was on after Sid’s fantastic jump. Tamara was nervous and managed a jump of just 15.9m, leaving her in the danger zone for elimination. The final jumper in the round was Dean who flew Superman-style reaching 18.2m, sadly meaning Tamara was out of the running to be crowned champion.

The final four competitors – Ben, Dean, Sid and Tom – would now take on the fast and furious ultimate Ski Cross course. The winner would be safe and through to the final round of Ski Jumps. The three slowest would race again to avoid elimination.

There was a lot of testosterone at the starting gate, the competition was at all time high, none of these men wanted to come anything other than first in this race. It was an close race with the lead switching between Tom, Dean and Ben down the course, ultimately it was Ben who was triumphant sending him straight through to the final Ski Jump of the series.

Dean, Tom and Sid had it all to ski for as they headed back to the top of the course to race again. They knew that the loser of this race would be eliminated straight away and so all had their game face on as they waited for the event to begin. Sid knew he was in with a chance of winning the series if he could just make it to the final Ski Jump but would he be able to catch the two faster skiers? In the final race neither Dean nor Sid could catch Tom as he flew down the course, and it was Sid who came in last leaving the competition at the final hurdle.

Ben, Dean and Tom all went to the top of the Ski Jump for one final time and this live jump would decide who would be crowned The Jump Champion 2016. Ben was first to jump and looked confident taking on his one and only live ski jump of the series, it looked big and it was – 18.25m. Up next was Tom, also making his first ever live ski jump, he was steadier than he has been in training but would it be enough to knock Ben out of the running? With 16.55m Tom didn’t do enough to beat Ben leaving Superman Dean with it all to play for.

Dean had what looked like a good jump, but was nervous as he and Ben waited for his distance to be revealed. Ultimately it was the England rugby legends night with Dean’s final jump reaching 17.7m seeing Ben Cohen crowned The Jump Champion 2016.

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