Harry Styles has started his acting career!


Harry Styles is set to swap the stage for screen as he as been offered an acting role in Christopher Nolan’s new film.


Harry Styles will be trying out a bit of acting during One Direction’s hiatus as he has been offered a role in the new Christopher Nolan war film, alongside many acclaimed actors.

The movie will tell the story of the 1940 operation to rescue hundreds of thousands of Allied troops from the beaches around Dunkirk at the start of World War Two.

He will be joined by A-list company for his first major movie role in Dunkirk, as the cast also includes Oscar winner Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy and Sir Kenneth Branagh.

Styles, newcomer Fionn Whitehead, Aneurin Barnard (Cilla) and Jack Lowden (War and Peace) will all play young men caught up in the evacuation of the French city of Dunkirk as a fierce battle between the Allies and Nazi Germany is waged.

Styles reportedly expressed an interest in acting during his time in One Direction and was offered a part in the Harvey Weinstein film Tulip Fever, which he ultimately turned down because of touring commitments.

Production of the World War II drama is set to begin in May and it is set to be released in July 2017.

Harry’s only other previous screen experience has been in the blockbuster concert movie One Direction: Where We Are-The Concert Film and their first film One Direction: This Is Us.

Dunkirk is Christopher Nolan’s ambitious follow-up to the Academy Award-winning space epic Interstellar.

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