Channel 4 are in talks about the fourth series of The Jump!


Reports suggest Channel 4 have begun talks about bringing The Jump back in 2017.


The show has been described as the most dangerous show on television, as this year seven contestants were forced to quit after obtaining serious injuries whilst practising for the show.

This then led to reports that the show would be axed from Channel 4.

A source for the show told The Sun: “The feeling among the show team is that this has been the worst series yet”

“After so many injuries, the celebrities are terrified of everything — and then the viewer ratings have fallen off a massive cliff. Yes, there has been a lot of controversy about people getting injured, but that isn’t the problem. At the end of the day, this comes down to business.

“The show is just not pulling in the viewing figures to justify the huge amount being spent on it.”

However, a spokesperson for Channel 4 stated that these reports were “categorically untrue”.

Now, according to the RadioTimes, bosses have indeed entered early talks for The Jump to return next year.

“Obviously there’s much to discuss but there’s a lot of good will around The Jump,” a source commented. “It’s early days, and no-one is making any assumptions, but conversations have started about what a fourth series might look like.”

C4’s chief creative officer Jay Hunt has backed the show, saying that she’s “very proud” of it and is “really minded to bring it back” in an interview with Broadcast magazine this week.

Yet, earlier this week, Tina Hobley revealed that she was considering suing the show after a serious injury she obtained on the show after swerving to avoid a crew member on the ski jump, even though she had been told the jump was clear.


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