Adele’s half-brother claims they haven’t spoke much in two years!


    Adele’s half-brother Cameron O’Sullivan has claimed they haven’t spoke much in TWO years.


    Cameron O’Sullivan and Adele share the same dad – but they haven’t spoken in two years.

    20-year-old Cameron has opened up about his relationship with Adele, revealing that they haven’t bonded much.

    Cameron hopes to see Adele on her tour but admits he doesn’t know which date.

    Speaking to The Sun, he said: “It’s hard because we never see each other. We’re not close at all and that’s the most difficult thing.

    “I’m really close with her mum Penny, but that’s it. I keep in contact with Penny on the phone, but I hardly speak to Adele.

    “There’s nothing there. She’s so busy we’re not really close. I’ve not spoken to her for a while.”

    Cameron reportedly lives with his mum Sioban in a £150,000 terraced house in South Wales, and travels 45 minutes on train to study sport medicine in Cardiff.

    TwitCelebGossip has contacted Adele’s reps for comment.

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