Review: Adele at The Genting Arena, Birmingham!


    Adele’s spectacular world tour travelled to Birmingham and she didn’t disappoint the lucky 14,000 who managed to get tickets.


    This was my first Adele concert, I didn’t know what to expect.. Would the sold out arena be sobbing throughout the concert? or would they be up on their feet dancing and singing along?

    At 8pm (and on time) Adele opened her show by coming up through the floor of the second stage that was located in the middle of the arena – She performed three songs before talking, at the request of her management, she later admitted because they didn’t want her to ruin the atmosphere. She explained: “They told me not to talk for three songs so my nerves could calm a little”.

    Her voice echoed throughout the arena during Hello with moody black and white eyes projecting on the main stage behind her.

    The Genting Arena show we attended was the second of four nights at the venue this week, with Thursday her ‘day off’ to sight-see around the city.

    Three songs in Adele admitted she’s starting to develop a cough and had been on cough-medicine all day to prepare for the show. She didn’t want to cancel due to already cancelling a Birmingham date during her last tour.

    She joked: “I know some of you have been dragged along,

    “but I’m going to win you over.”

    “Although some of my songs get a bit depressing.”

    Hometown Glory was a special number as the international star told a personal story behind the song before singing – The backdrop video had aerial shots of Birmingham, but it’s changed for different shows depending on the location of the venue.

    Adele confessed that she hardly has any up-beat songs so insisted everyone stands up for ‘Rumour Has It’ as it would be the only song in her set where you could actually dance along.

    The international star opened up about her life and raising a child in-between her songs and was overly excited to take selfies with anyone who requested.

    She dedicated a few songs to audience members, especially children who came along to see her perform.

    Adele performed a range of old and new songs, from her albums 19, 21 and 25.

    Someone Like You, which sold more than nine million copies, brought the whole arena together as she gave the audience chance to sing along with her.


    It was a tough track to follow, but the defiant Set Fire to the Rain amazed the arena as a wall of rain started to fall around the second stage, with her in the middle.

    Adele’s show paused following the song and the arena faded to black – The star was transported back to the main stage to close the show with an encore.

    She ended the show with ‘All I Ask’ and the stunning ‘When We Were Young’ which Adele admitted was her favourite song from the album.

    ‘Rolling In The Deep’ brought the night to a close with personalised confetti that had hand-written messages.

    Adele 2016 Tour Setlist:

    • Hello
    • Hometown Glory
    • One And Only
    • Rumour Has It
    • Water Under The Bridge
    • I Miss You
    • Skyfall
    • Million Years Ago
    • Don’t You Remember?
    • Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
    • Make You Feel My Love
    • Sweetest Devotion
    • Chasing Pavements
    • Someone Like You
    • Set Fire To The Rain
    • All I Ask
    • When We Were Young
    • Rolling In The Deep

    If Adele’s world tour wasn’t sold out, we’d be getting more tickets to see her instantly.

    There’s rumours Adele may take a five-year break after completing her huge world tour which runs until mid-November.

    We hope not, but if she does. We’ll be waiting for a comeback tour.


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