X Factor reject Ellis Lacy turns to sex-ed, demonstrates how to put on a condom!

If singing doesn't work out..


X Factor reject Ellis Lacy has turned into a sex education teacher in his latest video.


Ellis Lacy auditioned for The X Factor last year, now he’s showing people how to put a condom on..

Ellis is now an aspiring blogger and in his latest video he’s stripped naked (not the first time) to show people how to safely put a condom on, following NHS guidelines.

“Step one. Take the condom out of the packet, taking care not to tear it with finger nails or jewellery,” he says in the video.

“Don’t attempt to open with your teeth.”

Great advice…

This isn’t the first time he’s been naked in his vlogs, he’s made other NSFW videos such as how to use a penis pump.

He claimed it added a whole 3cm.

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