Ronseal make Gogglebox viewers watch paint dry for THREE minutes!


    Ronseal made Channel 4 Gogglebox viewers watch paint dry for THREE minutes last night…


    Gogglebox viewers were confused last night when a three minute advert of a guy painting a fence took over the usual Channel 4 ad break.

    Ronseal decided to troll Channel 4 viewers with their ‘It does what it says on the tin’ ad where a guy literally paints a fence.

    Many people saw the funny side to watching paint dry on Channel 4 last night, one viewer said: “I am so glad he finished that fence panel. My left eye would have been twitching with stress if they’d left it ???? #RonsealAdBreak”

    Another said: “Did Ronseal just troll us all? ???? I was hooked, couldn’t look away from the TV incase something happened #Gogglebox #RonsealAdBreak”

    While others were not so amused: “I can’t get over this advert I was so annoyed that the advert was taking long who sits and watches somebody paint 3mins,” on viewer said.

    What did you think? If you missed it, you can watch it below:

    Ronseal have also released a 12 minute video of the ad, if you’re bored you can watch it below:

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