We sit down with Jasmine Elcock, Ant and Dec’s golden buzzer choice!



TwitCelebGossip sat down with 14 year old Jasmine Elcock following her amazing Britain’s Got Talent audition.


Jasmine Elcock, 14-year-old from Essex moved the nation and the judges to tears with her rendition of Believe by Cher.

Ant and judge Alesha Dixon were both seen on Saturday’s show shedding a few tears.

Jasmine received a standing ovation from the theatre, followed by Ant and Dec running from the stage wings over to the judging panel to hit their Golden Buzzer which has sent her straight through into the live shows.

Alesha Dixon said after Jasmine’s stunning performance: “That audition moved me so much. I have never been so much of a mess on the show.

“I hope your dreams come true, you deserve it”.

Simon Cowell said: “You know what, I was at one point losing the will to live, thinking maybe all the talent has gone. You come with such a great voice, and so charming…

“I think this country is going to fall in love with you”.

We sat down with Jasmine for an exclusive interview.

What made you audition for Britain’s Got Talent?

“Well I auditioned for it previously and unfortunately I didn’t get through, so this was sort of a second chance for me to come back, bigger and better.

“That’s why I auditioned really, to have a second chance to prove I can do better.”

Jasmine Elcock

Why did you pick Cher’s ‘Believe’ song to sing?

“I’ve never really heard it done before on Britain’s Got Talent and it was just a really nice rendition I found.

“I just decided to do it.”

Have you watched your audition back yet?

“Oh-yeah! I’ve watched it back loads of times.”

Was it surreal seeing yourself on television?

“Words can’t even describe, it was amazing because I never thought at the age of fourteen I would be watching myself on television,

“It was fantastic!”

Were you expecting the kind of reaction you received? It seems you had the whole country in tears including the judges and Ant and Dec.

“Yes, I know. I wasn’t expecting it at all. I didn’t realise how big it [the audition] had got because I wasn’t expecting it to go big.

“I was so speechless when I found out that people around the country were in tears as well as my family, including Ant and Dec and Alesha Dixon.

“That was phenomenal..”

What’s life been like since your successful audition?

“It’s been very secretive, since Saturday when it aired people have been asking me questions about the semi’s and just wanting to know a lot.

“I’ve been having to keep a lot of secrets,”

Jasmine Elcock

What did it feel like when you saw Ant and Dec running from the stage wings to hit their golden buzzer for you?

“At that moment I didn’t realise what they were actually running onto the stage for, then I saw them both head towards the judges, then I saw the golden buzzer..

“I instantly knew that was what they were going to press.

“That’s why I started jumping before they actually pressed it, because I knew they were going to do it.

“When they did it, the excitement hit me all of a sudden and it was amazing.”

You’ve had previous experience singing ‘professionally’ such as performing in Annie, is your nerve control getting better?

“I think it is, i’ve experienced a lot with my nerves and I know how to feel it and how to control it.

“You know, nerves is a natural thing, the adrenaline makes the performance even better. I quite like having the neves there because it lets me know i’m enjoying what i’m doing,

“I want it to be as perfect for the audience [as possible].”

Do you already have a song planned for the live shows?

“Yes I do.”

Jasmine didn’t give anything away..

Who do you think’s your biggest competition so far in the show?

“I’m not too sure,

“I haven’t really thought about my biggest competition yet.”

The interview concluded with TwitCelebGossip wishing Jasmine all the best with the live shows.

Jasmine wasn’t giving much away about her first BGT semi performance but we can only imagine what she has in store for the nation next.

You can watch back Jasmine’s audition below including the brilliant Golden Buzzer moment:

Britain’s Got Talent returns Saturday on ITV.

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