Alton Towers’ Galactica breaks down due to rain, cue the exaggerated media stories!


Alton Towers suffered heavy rain this afternoon which caused Galactica to break down for 30-40 minutes.


Air which has been rebranded as Galactica broke down this afternoon after the park had heavy rain.

Galactica riders dangled horizontally for about 30-40minutes, which the media report is being “upside down” – That’s totally false, they were stuck on a chainlift.

An Alton Towers spokesman said: “On the afternoon of May 2, heavy rain obscured a sensor on Galactica which meant that the ride was automatically stopped.

“This is a standard safety feature on this ride and the ride was working exactly as it is designed to do. The health and safety of our guests is our number one priority and our team followed standard procedures to get the guests off as quickly and as safely as possible.

“The ride has re-opened.”

Media decided to pounce on the park’s unfortunate event this afternoon following the biggest disaster the park has faced in years, The Smiler crash.

Here’s a few headlines if you’re in-need of a chuckle:

“Riders stuck upside down on Alton Towers roller coaster” reported the Metro.

“People left screaming as Alton Towers Galactica rollercoaster stops”, the Daily Star headlined.

The best one came from The Sun: “Alton Towers riders left screaming and crying as ride breaks down mid loop”

A visitor at the park today tweeted: “Ok, so being stranded on a rollercoaster was indeed terrifying…for the whole 3 minutes it took the staff to tell us what was going on!”

They continued: “the weather stopped the motor on the climb. We were completely safe & staff were fab. Not news really”

Another said: “doesn’t matter if #Galactica @altontowers got stuck. Those who understand how #rollercoasters work know that they were not in danger. #chill”

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