Saturday, 10 June, 2023

Far Too Far Twitcam – TODAY!

Far Too Far will be kicking of their evening with a twitcam for their fans and followers at 5pm!

Don’t know what a twitcam is?
For those of you who may be unsure of a twitcam, it is a livestream where you are given the opportunity to watch people on a webcam which is linked to the internet and is live for you to watch. There is also the option to interact with them by writing comments on the side of the livestream!

What should we expect in the twitcam?
Well, as you can imagine, being the first twitcam for the band, I’m sure the boys will be introducing themselves to you all and it is a chance for the fans to see them for the first time together! No doubt they will be talking about the new band, having a laugh, answering questions which are asked by their viewers, having a general conversation with everyone and maybe even giving a demonstration of them singing! If you’re lucky, there might even be an insight of their future plans and what their ambitions are.

The band are extremely excited to be able to interact with all of their fans on this twitcam tonight, as they have been tweeting a few times within the last couple of days reminding everyone to tune in!
Here is one of the tweets from the Far Too Far twitter page: Twitcam day today at 5!!!!!!!!! Yessssss! Matt x

After the boys have finished the twitcam, there will be a chance for some lucky followers to get an incredible follow from the Far Too Far boys, as they will be going on a follow spree shortly afterwards. This may not be the only follow spree the boys will do, but how amazing would it be if you were one of those they followed on their FIRST follow spree?

Another opportunity involving the boys:
Tomorrow evening, if you live in or around London, get yourself down to Under The Bridge, Stamford Bridge Stadium for showcase live! Buy tickets, watch some incredible new music talents perform and have a chance to meet Far Too Far, they will be there and are looking forward to meeting fans!

So, remember, TWITCAM today at 5pm €“ don’€™t miss Jackson, Jay and Matt interacting with their fans live on camera for the first time!

Are You Excited?

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