Looks like The Jump IS returning for the fourth series in 2017!

It's not like anyone got injured last series...


So it looks like The Jump is returning for a FOURTH series in 2017.


The Jump 2016 was a complete disaster for the celebrities taking part, many were taken to Hospital with injuries, some were almost life changing.

Following Olympian Beth Tweddle‘s awful accident where she had to have two vertebrae in her neck fused together due to her series injury, viewers called for the show to be axed.

Rebecca Adlington who dislocated her shoulder on the show earlier in the year is supporting the fourth series of Channel 4’s The Jump.

“My injury is something that could have happened on a skiing holiday, dislocating your shoulder and I could have done it anyway. Same with the other people, they were just accidents,” Rebecca told The Express.

Rebecca is confident that the show IS returning for a fourth run next year.

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