Watch Johnny Depp hilariously surprise fans as the Mad Hatter at Disneyland!


Johnny Depp hilariously disguised himself as the Mad Hatter and surprised fans at Disneyland.

Johnny Depp, 52, has disguised himself as the Mad Hatter at Disneyland to surprise fans.

Johnny was live streamed onto a billboard in Disneyland, California, as the Mad Hatter – He attempted to stay still until people passed by.

Disneyland onlookers approached the billboard thinking it was a normal poster to promote Disney’s new movie ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ but the Mad Hatter came to life speaking to guests in realtime.

Guests couldn’t believe what they were seeing and it didn’t take long for word to get around and crowds began to surround the billboard.

It appears Johnny did this for most of the day at Disneyland Resort.

Alice Through the Looking Glass opens in cinemas on May 27, 2016.

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