Nathan Sykes takes aim at Union J’s Casey Johnson!


    Nathan Sykes has taken aim at Union J’s new member, Casey Johnson saying ‘he’s not good enough’.


    Nathan Sykes has slammed Union J’s decision to recruit X Factor reject Casey Johnson as their new member.

    Nathan told The Metro: “If you’re going to replace someone try to find someone better. I don’t think Union J quite succeeded in doing that,

    “If The Wanted were to replace me, if I was them I’d try to find someone better.

    “If they did it as badly as Union J I’d find it quite funny.”

    Following the exit of George Shelley, in early May the Union J boys revealed their new member.

    Josh Cuthbert, JJ Hamblett and Jaymi Hensley had been looking for a new member since George quit, they now have a replacement.

    They revealed it’s Casey Johnson from X Factor’s Stereo Kicks, the boys announced on Twitter: “We are super excited to welcome Casey to the band! We love this boy and can’t wait for the future.”

    Casey recently took aim at his fellow Stereo Kicks bandmates: “I have always wanted to be in a band, not a choir,”

    “What I was in before wasn’t like a boyband. Stereo Kicks was more of a choir.

    “There wasn’t really any chemistry” he told The Sun.

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