Big Brother 2016: One side of the house heaven, the other side hell?


The latest Big Brother logo design that’s leaked suggests one side of the house will be brighter than the other.


The game is certainly changing, the Big Brother we’ve watched for years will be no more in the up-coming series as bosses have ‘smashed up’ the old format.

In the latest Big Brother logo to surface the internet and not officially released by Channel 5, heavily suggests that the house will be split into two.

Behind the eye shows a possible design of the new BB house where half of it’s bright and the other half is dark.

Channel 5 revealed some information about the new series, they said: “From Day One the Housemates will be under attack from an unseen ominous dark force that will have a dramatic and divisive effect on the House.”

It’s been heavily rumoured that the house will be split into two – One section will be where the civilian housemates live, and the other half will be where some celebrities will stay.

“Whilst things may appear to be straight forward Big Brother will ensure that no-one will have the entire picture,

“The Housemates are not alone and they should be prepared for paranoia and suspicion.” Channel 5 say.

“Whilst everything may appear to be black and white – that certainly won’t be the case. Viewers should prepare for a ‘yin and yang’ style force to evolve Big Brother for a new generation. This force will affect the Housemates for better or for worse.”

Rylan recently teased: “FORGET EVERYTHING you think you know…”

The official start date for the new series hasn’t yet been announced but it’s reportedly scheduled to begin between Saturday 4th and Friday 10th June.

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