White Dee says she’s broke and might lose her house!


Reality TV star White Dee has said he’s officially broke and may lose her house as a result of it.


Benefits Street star White Dee has released a statement saying he’s broke.

Deirdre Kelly has split with her management and released a statement saying she “worked a lot, learnt a lot, but not earned a lot.”

Dee’s statement read: “In fact she finds herself after many TV appearances, personal appearances and pilot shows both in the UK and abroad, near to losing her home and back to square one, again – through no fault of her own, and not for the want of hard work!

“Now under the new management of ‘Team Dee’, she is finding her confidence again and looking at all the many opportunities open to her. From TV work, fitness DVD opportunities and even motivational speaking.”

White Dee became infamous for starring in Channel 4’s documentary series Benefits Street.

She also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother.

“I’m lucky to have had all the life experiences the last few years have presented, I’ve made incredible friends and contacts who keep in touch with me, people I could only ever dream of knowing years ago!

“I also have the chance now to start another new chapter, but this time with a team who are focused on supporting me. I laugh at the stories that say I’m on my way to my first million, if only! Maybe with this new team around me I can start to see reward for my efforts.

“Benefits Street was where I started, but I’m determined not to go back to the Benefits Street situation and ensure that I earn whilst I work and learn this time!”

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