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Our EXCLUSIVE Interview with Tich!

On Saturday 6th April, TwitCelebGossip got exclusive access to interview the wonderful Tich! We loved every second of meeting and interviewing her, and this is how we got on!

When we got the phone call from Tich’€™s manager, Alex telling us that Tich was ready for her interview with us, we were so excited! All of the nerves we had completely blew away and we couldn’t wait to meet and talk to Tich herself! We made our way through the crowds of The Buttermarket in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, and then Alex told the security to let us through some doors of a little room next to the stage. By this time we could see Tich!

Tich was wearing a mint coloured lace dress, with heaps of bangles and bracelets scattered on her wrists. Her hair was placed in front of her shoulders and we both thought she looked stunning! When she saw us, Tich had a huge smile upon her face and clearly couldn’t wait for the interview. Tich showed us her heels she was wearing, and admitted that she has to wear heels otherwise her small-ness is very obvious!

After a few hugs and jokes with Tich, we got started on the interview.

TCG: Hello Tich!

Tich: Hello!

TCG: When did you realise that you wanted to be a singer/songwriter?

Tich: Um, from the age of about 11, when I wrote my first song!

TCG: What was the best part of the Olly Tour?

Tich: The best part was playing at the o2 on the first night

TCG: Very proud moment!

Tich: Aw yes! [laughs]

TCG: Would you like to do an album where you cover some of your favourite songs?

Tich: Yes!

TCG: What kind of songs would you choose?

Tich: Well my favourite cover to do at the moment is €œI Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift!

TCG: Are you doing that one tonight?

Tich: Yes!

TCG: Aw Yay! We’re excited now!

Tich: [laughs]

TCG: If you weren’t a singer, what would you be?

Tich: Errm.. [laughs] I’d be a chef.. no I wouldn’€™t.. I’d be a paramedic.. no I wouldn’€™t.. I’d be a chemist.. no I wouldn’€™t… I don’€™t know! All of them! A horse tamer! [laughs]

TCG: If you could collaborate with any artist, they could be dead or alive, who would you choose?

Tich: Right now, I’€™d pick Demi Lovato.

TCG: What’s the best thing about touring?

Tich: Getting to perform every night, meet some amazing people, and travel the country! That’s like three! Sorry! [laughs]

TCG: Describe tichfam in three words.. only three!

Tich: My Whole Life!

TCG: Aw! What made you want to sing?

Tich: Everything, I am so pressured about music, it’s an obsession

TCG: You’€™re not the only one!

Tich: Yeh! [laughs]

TCG: What was the best thing about touring with JLS?

Tich: They’re incredible, such lovely guys!

TCG: Have you spotted a glimpse of them today?

Tich: No not yet! But yeh, just the whole thing, they’re really good fun.

TCG: Who inspires you in music?

Tich: People inspire me, just like everyday life. Situations that I find myself in are the most inspiring thing. I write like it’€™s my diary, (well it is my diary)! Lots of songwriters, lots of classical music, yeh.

TCG: What’s your favourite music to listen to? Is there anything that gets you in the mood?

Tich: Everything. I can listen to heavy metal, Disney, to pop, to classical, to soul, I love it all.

TCG: Who was your favourite to tour with? JLS or Olly Murs? This is going to be a hard one for you!

Tich: aaww no! I absolutely love them both, but purely for the fact that it went on longer, Olly! He’s amazing!

TCG: You’ve answered all the questions! Thank you! You will be on the TCG website very soon!

Tich: No, thank you so much! I love TwitCelebGossip!

TCG: You’ve heard it from Tich here guys!

Tich: Quote me on it! [laughs]


It was all over by the click of a finger! We enjoyed interviewing Tich so much!

After a couple of photos and a few more hugs with Tich herself, we said goodbye, and said thank you to her manager, Alex for his time.

Tich’€™s set at The Buttermarket was amazing, we sang along to all her songs and she waved to us a few times! She had all the crowd clapping their hands to ‘Dumb’€ and we loved her little bit of dancing to What I Meant To Say€!

A great night was had overall!

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Tich’s debut single Dumb (released in May) is out to preorder now and you can download her debut EP €œCandlelight EP€ on iTunes now!

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