Viewers spot Alex Magala had a ‘safety wire’ on Britain’s Got Talent final!


Viewers have spotted a SAFETY WIRE strapped to Alex Magala’s leg on his final performance last night.


Alex performed his most dangerous stunt yet in a bid to win the competition last night, although it appears he was in no actual danger at all.

Alex slid down a pole and stopped millimetres away from a running chainsaw in a bid to win the show last night.

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted that Alex was attached to a safety wire, so there was no chance he’d actually hit the chainsaw.

Bosses were still worried about Alex’s final performance, so it was pre-recorded before the show went live on ITV.

Take a look at Alex’s final performance below, see if you can spot the ‘safety wire’:

Alex Magala received 4.5% of votes last night in the final, coming 9th in the competition.

Magician Richard Jones won Britain’s Got Talent 2016 last night with 16.7% of overall votes.

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