Love Island 2016: Exclusive details on the first ‘coupling up’!


Love Island returns tonight on ITV2 and we have some details on the first coupling up of the series.


Caroline entered the villa to meet the girls for the first time. Asking them if they were nervous, Malin replied: “Just [about] what kind of guys you’re gonna give us.”

It soon became apparent that the girls all had a similar type – would there be fireworks when they started coupling up?

All five girls had to stand in a line ready for each boy as he entered the villa.  As each boy made his entrance, the girls stepped forward if they fancied them.  The boys then made a decision as to whom they wanted to couple up with.

First to enter the villa was 24 year old Tom Powell, a keep fit instructor from Wales. He said: “People refer to me as the Channing Tatum of South Wales – I like to think I look like Magic Mike.”

Tom continued: “I’ve already got a reputation from where I’m from. Girls already know to avoid me. I get bored really easily so I need someone to keep me on my toes.”

Two of the girls stepped forward for Tom. Revealing why she didn’t step forward, Cara said: “Tom’s beautiful, but I don’t like a guy who’s so [muscly]. You look stunning, but it’s too solid for me – I’m sorry.”


The second boy to enter the villa was Nathan Massey, a 24 year old carpenter from Essex. Nathan said: “I put a bit of fake bake on before I go out, but that stays in this room. I’m an RAF pilot at the weekend – that’s what I tell the girls anyway.”

“I’m a typical Essex boy, I’ve got the gift of the gab – I could sell ice to the Eskimos, and I make girls laugh – that’s how I get girls into bed.”

Caroline explained: “We’ve got one couple already, but you’ve got the pick of all five girls so if you want to pick [the girl from the couple] then you can.”

Nathan immediately laughs off the idea of trying to take Tom’s girl away from him, saying: “(Tom) is a pretty big man, I’d get dunked in the pool!”

Malin explains why she didn’t step forward, saying: “Nothing bad, just his height a little bit.”

Nathan replied: “We’re all the same height lying down darling.”

Next to enter the villa is 25-year-old personal trainer Rykard Jenkins, from Kent.

Rykard described himself saying: “I’m fairly sexy – my Nan has told me a few times.”

“I’ve been in love and being in love feels like a hot chocolate fudge cake. I want to get on the island, play the field, and get on with as many girls as I can. I’d rather get kicked off the island for doing what I want than play it safe and be with a girl that I’m not really into.”

With three of the girls already coupled up, next to enter the villa was 27 year old surveyor Javi Shephard from York.  He said: “I’d definitely rate myself a 10 out of 10. I look in the mirror – I’m in good shape, I’m a good-looking guy. I’m going to bring that to someone.


“I’m passionate about life in general. It’s exhausting not giving that love to somebody and having it trapped inside.”

Describing his experience of online dating, Javi said: “[It’s] like expecting a Da Vinci and then in real life you’re getting a Picasso. I’ve never been in love so I’m waiting for that moment someone takes my breath away.”

The heat in the villa stepped up a notch when Scott Thomas, a 27 year old entrepreneur from Manchester, entered the villa and proved popular with the girls.

Scott said: “I’m crazy, misunderstood, deep. I like deep films – The Notebook and Titanic, I don’t think people know that about me.”

“I got my heart broken when I was 21 and never got over being rejected and I’ve been single ever since. Once I fall for someone I fall deep.”

Scott proved popular with the girls and three of them stepped forward for him – including two who were already coupled up with other boys!

Scott decided to cause ructions from the off and chose one of the girls already in a couple, relegating Rykard to the ‘subs bench’.  Rykard was then automatically paired with the final single girl.

With the Love Islanders all feeling safely coupled up, Caroline revealed that there was one more boy to enter the villa – 23-year-old model Daniel from London, who had to make a dramatic decision and tear apart one of the couples, leaving a fellow Love Islander single.

Daniel explained how he came to be a model, saying: “I was training in the gym, happened to bump into David Gandy, he took my number and now I model full time.”


“My English is quite posh which works well with the ladies – they seem to like the idea of a quintessential Englishman. I’ve been single for a year – a lot of dating, a lot of mating.”

“The reason I’m single is because I choose to be. I could choose not to be. If I see a girl I like, that’s my girl and I’m going to make sure that I get that girl – everybody else better not go near her.”

On his choice to split up one of the couples, Daniel says: “Of course I feel bad, but at the same time I don’t feel bad.”

Tune in to Love Island at 9pm on Monday 30 May to find out who chose who.

There will be another recoupling in a couple of days time when the girls get to chose whether to stay with their current partners or pick another one. Any boy who’s left single will be packing his bags and leaving the villa for good.

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