Love Island 2016: Sophie comes out as bisexual to Zara!


After spending a couple of days together, the islanders have got to know each other better and even confessed some of their secrets.


Zara takes Sophie aside to get something off her chest: “I’m the current Miss Great Britain but I didn’t want to tell anyone. I’ve had such a bad experience [with guys].”

Sophie understood Zara’s reservations, and told the Beach Hut: “She’s mostly concerned about how Scott will be. People like to brag if they’ve dated you or slept with you.

“I think Scott will just be cool with it – he’ll take it in his stride he’s technically bagged himself the best girl in Great Britain.”

Touched that Zara had chosen to confide in her, Sophie said: “I’ll tell you a secret now… I dated a lesbian for about six months and another lesbian for about five or six months. I haven’t dated a guy since I last broke up with a guy I really liked. He’s called Danny Cipriani.”

Zara asks Sophie what she’d do if a lesbian were to enter the villa, to which Sophie said: “It would have to be my type of lesbian… Tomboys, tattoos. Tom’s gorgeous, he’s hot. I just want to give the guy thing another shot, but it’s very different for me.”

Love Island continues 9pm, Tuesday 31st May on ITV2.

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