Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris split!


Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have reportedly split after 15 months together.


It was rumoured last month that pop power couple Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris had split up, but later it was deemed untrue.

Now a source has told PEOPLE the singer and DJ have called it quits after 15 months together.

A source told the mag: “There was no drama. Things just don’t work out sometimes,”

The couple have yet acknowledged the report.

The Daily Mail reported last month that Calvin relied on Taylor’s support while he’s was on tour because she cheers him up.

A few days ago Calvin was involved in a series car crash, which forced him to cancel his shows in Las Vegas.

It was reported at the time that Taylor was ‘devastated’ and wanted to be by his side when the news was broke to her.

“Taylor was very scared when she got a call from Calvin saying he had been in a terrible accident,” a source told HollywoodLife.

“Her first reaction was to ask if he needed her to be with him, but Calvin told her everything was ok and he was just a little shaken up.”

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