Britain’s Got Talent 2016: Boogie Storm are going on tour!


Britain’s Got Talent finalists Boogie Storm have revealed they will be going on tour!


Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer Act Boogie Storm have taken the world by storm, with Simon giving them a pass straight to the semi finals, they secured a place in the final with an amazing performance.

The group ended up proving to be a bit of a Marmite act with viewers: Some LOVED their performances while others described them as ‘bad dancers in good costumes’.

Defending Boogie Storm last month, Simon said: “Look, you can argue there are other acts who deserve it a bit more but you are always in the moment when you do it and I am glad I did it because they are unique.

“I thought they were fun and I had never seen anything like it.”

While they may have their critics, there’s no doubt Boogie Storm have a load of fans too: Their audition is the most watched this year and has notched up 25 MILLION views in just a month.

In the final they came third, just behind Richard Jones and Wayne Woodward, missing out on £250,000 and a place in the Royal Variety Show.

However, fans will be glad to know that this is not the last we will be seeing of Boogie Storm.

Writing on Twitter this week, the group teased: “We’re travelling around to mainly private venues at the moment but we have had talks of a tour early next year.”

Meanwhile, asked to reveal their real identities, they told fans: “We’re just 6 Stormtroopers who love to dance and make people smile”

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