Big Brother 2016 Preview: Here’s a tour of the brand new house!


Good Morning Britain had an exclusive tour of the Big Brother 2016 house – Take a look.

A day after the Diary Room chair was revealed, Good Morning Britain has had an exclusive look around the Big Brother house.

Richard Arnold had a look around the main house, avoiding the second house as rumour has it, it’s still not complete.

Richard shows us around the bedroom, living room, bathroom and the Diary Room booth, with the brand new chair (which looks amazing but quite uncomfortable to sit on).

Channel 5 recently revealed ‘The Others’, (another batch of housemates) will try and steal their place in the main house and the £100,000 prize.

Neither the housemates (living in the main house) or The Others (living in the second house) will know that some of them are already connected to each other.

Rylan teased at “these CONNECTIONS could turn both houses upside down.”

He tweeted: “But what are these CONNECTIONS and how will Big Brother use them to keep everyone on their toes?”

It’s believe that the ‘The Others’ are the “dark and ominous force” which Big Brother referred to in the first official teaser.

The original teaser from Channel 5 read: “From Day One the Housemates will be under attack from an unseen ominous dark force that will have a dramatic and divisive effect on the House.

“Whilst things may appear to be straight forward Big Brother will ensure that no-one will have the entire picture,

“The Housemates are not alone and they should be prepared for paranoia and suspicion.”

Big Brother 2016 will launch on Tuesday 7th June at 9pm on Channel 5.

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