Sunday, 3 December, 2023

Giggles, Laughs and Far Too Far

Picture From @FarTooFar

Far Too Far planned to do a twitcam on Saturday 28th April (Saturday just gone) with all three members being available to chat to their loved fans. Unfortunately, Jackson was feeling under the weather so wasn’€™t able to make it, but Matt and Jamie both entertained for the evening! The boys were talking on Snapchat to Jackson, so he wasn’t totally missing from the twitcam, we still got to see some pictures of his funny faces!
There were many laughs on twitcam and the boys interacted with their fans, even starting some silly trends, #MattUsedToBeAGirl, being one of them.
Jamie and Matt decided that as some fans were asking for a follow back, they’d tweet saying 50 retweets and we’€™ll do a #FTFFOLLOWSPREE :D€™ To their surprise, this tweet had 50RT’s in a breathe taking MINUTES! They stuck to their word and followed some people while they were on twitcam.

Fan Name
As you may be aware, earlier this week, Far Too Far tweeted asking what the fans would like to be called. After a few suggestions such as Farts€™, one fan came up with €˜Farnatics€™ which is the new name for TeamFTF! Great suggestion I think, don’€™t you?

Upcoming Events
We know the FTF boys have their own YouTube channel which the link is yet to be confirmed, well, on twitcam, they mentioned that sometime very soon, a new video would be uploaded to their own channel for us all to have a look at, YAY! Keep checking because I’m sure it’ll be with us in no time at all.
Many people have started having a craze with €˜Keek€™, an app where short videos are uploaded for anyone to see. Far Too Far have their own Keek, but aren’€™t telling us where to find it right now, but soon they will be uploading snips of videos all the time for us to see! I’€™m sure they’€™ll all be funny! If you can’€™t wait for the groups Keek, you can follow and subscribe to Jamie’s: jamiecope397 and Matt’s: MattDFRTS

Don’€™t forget to follow the boys on twitter as well: @FarTooFarMusic @JLC_88 @RollUpHills @MrJacksonHumes

Come back soon for more news and updates of the band! 😀

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