Big Brother 2016: First twist hits… Lateysha Grace and Laura Carter ‘face eviction’!


The first twist of Big Brother 2016 has totally shaken the housemates and The Others up, big time.


Big Brother 2016 officially kicked off on Tuesday night (7th June) with 12 housemates entering the main house and six ‘The Others’ entering the second house.

After all twelve housemates entered the house, and the six settled into the second house – Big Brother kicked off it’s first twist.

Big Brother had twelve podiums in the garden – Each podium had a different character trait on, such as ‘Sexy’, ‘Game Player’ and ‘Fiery’.

One housemate had to stand behind one podium, meaning all twelve podiums would have a different housemate behind it.

Big Brother warned the housemates: “These decisions will have consequences,”

Big Brother then went over to the second house to inform ‘The Others’ they had to pick one podium they wanted to ‘punish’.

They do not know any of the housemates, yet, so it was a random pick – They chose ‘Sexy’.

The housemate behind the podium ‘Sexy’ was Laura Carter, Big Brother told Laura she had to pick a housemate to nominate.

Big Brother said to Laura: “You must now nominate another housemate who will join you in facing eviction.”

Laura picked Lateysha Grace because she hasn’t spoke to her yet. They’ve only been in the house for an hour.

Although this could be another twist and they might not actually be up for eviction.

This aftermath will continue on Channel 5 tomorrow (8th June).

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