Love Island 2016: The girls go all out for Adam!


The girls anxiously waited for news on the public vote having declared Adam and Robert their favourite speed daters.


But with only one of them returning to the villa, Zara was making no secret of which of the boys she wanted to walk back in: “When Adam walked into the villa tonight, I was like ‘oh my god’. I was all flustered. With Adam, I am very attracted to him. He just needs to walk into the villa, I’m telling you now. He’d fit in perfectly. He didn’t seem too over confident where he’d p*** the boys off or anything. He just seems like a lovely guy that needs to be in the villa…please. I’ve asked so nicely here. You never know, he could be Mr GB.”

During a chat later with Rachel, it seemed Zara couldn’t get Adam out of her head: “I love Adam. You know when you just look at a guy and think ‘oh my god I fancy the pants off you’. And I so wanna get to know him, he’s my type and he looked great, he had his dark hair, his Irish accent. I just think he generally would fit in the villa really good. God I don’t know now, I’m worried that if Robert came in it would just cause agg.”

Her interest in Adam didn’t go unnoticed by her fellow islanders, as Rykard remarked: “She’s literally going to pounce on him. She can’t wait. It’s funny. It is actually really funny. Zara is on it.”

But with Olivia still very much in the singles’ camp and looking for love, Zara was aware that if Adam did enter the villa she may well have a fight on her hands: “He needs to come in this villa now, I’m telling you now. And if he does come in, I hope that he does want to get to know me as well. He might have his eye on someone else, how do I know?”

And while Zara was happy to wax lyrical about Adam to anyone in ear shot, Olivia was keen to take a more mellow approach, telling Malin: “I do think I fancy Adam, from yesterday. I’m not that vocal about it. I don’t want to shout it out from the rooftops and I feel like Zara has really voiced her opinion that she like loves him already. It’s like, you can’t shot gun, he’s not front seat, you can’t shot gun someone like that, it’s not really how it works in here.”

Malin reminded her that it was still very much an open playing field: “You don’t know who he likes though. All of you girls that don’t have anyone, you’re going to get to know him.”

Olivia retorted: “I don’t want her to think that I’m being nasty or anything. I don’t think she can because we’ve got to get to know him, do you know what I mean? I just feel like I do really want to get to know him and I hope that Adam comes in, I really hope it is him.”

Malin surmised Olivia’s predicament, telling her not to think too deeply about it: “The thing is, all you guys need a chance in here and you can’t force someone in here to like you. So if he goes for you, he’s going to go for you, if he goes for her, he’s going to go for her. But I reckon you should just see what happens and just get to know him.”

Olivia later told the Beach Hut she wouldn’t let Zara’s interests get in the way of her own attraction to Adam: “For Zara, I think because she was being so vocal about the fact that she really liked him I think maybe she was trying to claim him and sort of like make everyone back off because she liked him so much. But at the end of the day we are here to get to know people and see if we like them so it’s only fair that everyone has their chance and if you get on with someone you can’t hide that.”

As she pondered on her next move with the other girls, Olivia admitted: “I need a plan for when the new guy comes in. Obviously Zara will be quite full on, so hopefully if I sit back and let Zara do her thing, then just have chats with him when it suits him and me, rather than jumping on him. I know Zara is quite full on, she is very chatty bless her but she is full on. She does really like him so she might be a bit full on.”

Olivia then told the Beach Hut that she suspected Zara’s over enthusiasm could prove to be her downfall: “I’m hoping that Zara does go in all guns blazing and he sort of s***s himself and then I can go in and cover up the wounds. If it works out for me it works out, if it don’t, it don’t.”


With both Olivia and Zara plotting their approaches on Adam, unbeknown to them there was another rival for his affections – Sophie, who shared her feelings in the Beach Hut:

“I am hoping that Adam comes into the villa because I think he will fit in the best…obviously he’s very, very good looking and works out a lot, and I liked what he was wearing too. He looked nice. I guess you just don’t know what’s around the corner. Things in this villa can change so quickly though. So quickly. Today for instance me and Tom could have a fight and that could change everything. You really, really don’t know.”

During a conversation with Cara, Sophie revealed her speed date with Adam the previous evening had left her torn: “It’s kind of tough when you are coupled up with someone and there’s guys coming in who potentially could…”

Cara interjected: “You could be better suited to?”

Sophie replied: “Yeah, and I think out of the four, Adam would be someone that I would look at in a club. And he’s from Northern Ireland. He seemed really nice, he’s really career focused. He’s been single for six years. And then I think obviously he’s looking for someone.”

Cara, who knew Adam outside of the villa, then gave Sophie an insight into Adam’s aspirations: “I know his type is dark. He likes dark, big bum. He’s always been looking for a relationship but he’s just not found it.”

Sophie responded: “I like that. I really like that. Cos you know I’ve had plenty of relationships that haven’t worked out. I haven’t got the time or energy to be walking round on eggshells with someone. And on the outside world, I think every day Tom would have some kind of mood with me over something or another. I think he just needs to chill out a little bit and have fun. Plus when Adam was talking to me, when he just came out with it and said ‘you’re my type, if I was in here I would have chosen you…’ I can’t remember how he worded it cos I was so nervous myself but when he said that I got all flustered.”

During the evening, the new boy finally made his entrance – but were Zara, Olivia or Sophie’s prayers about to be answered?

Love Island continues on ITV2 tonight.

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