Love Island 2016: Adam goes after Sophie, Tom’s not happy!


With another recoupling just a day away, it seemed new boy Adam Maxted held all the cards, as both Zara and Olivia vied for his affections.


It seemed Zara’s feelings for the Irish man had grown ever stronger since his return to the villa, telling the Beach Hut: “Yeah, I proper fancy him. I was just sunbathing minding my own business. I just lay there and I was like having a little look at his gym session and I honestly felt like it was like the first crush at school. Dear me. I get all giggly and nervous and don’t really know what to do with myself. Oh yeah…I proper fancy him.”

A self assured Adam used the day to get to know both of the single ladies, approaching Zara to help him prepare breakfast, which quickly led to a flirty exchange between the pair:

Adam: “Miss GB making eggs. You have a good body though.”

Zara: “Do you think? What did you think to the red dress?”

Adam: “Good it was revealing.”

Zara: “Too revealing?”

Adam: “Nah, just a little tease.”

Zara: “Just a little tease for what you might be able to see.”

Adam: “A preview of what may be to come.”

Zara: “Exactly.”

With Zara’s hopes boosted by their playful conversation, Adam immediately set about building a rapport with his second target – Olivia. As they chatted effortlessly, Adam remarked: “It’s good to be here. Our chat was one of the best because you actually asked me stuff.”

Olivia responded: “Everyone was really buzzing, I was really quiet because I was really scared. I haven’t really been on a date, in forever.”


Always on hand with a compliment, Adam assured her: “I think you’re the funniest girl in here.”

Olivia then reacted: “Oh you’re so cute. It’s been difficult because I haven’t really connected with anyone in here….so far. It’s been hard, I’m like the little third wheel all the time.”

A coquettish Olivia then teased Adam as he tried to get to the bottom of her current feelings:

Adam: “Who do you like at the moment?”

Olivia: “No one that has been in here a while.”

Adam: “Hmmmm. Who does that leave?”

Olivia: “I don’t know. I don’t know anyone new that’s come in. Do you?”

Olivia explained her state of mind during a conversation in the Beach Hut: “Until Adam came in I was really stuck and I didn’t fancy anyone. It’s nice, the feeling of fancying someone is so nice to have. It’s quite difficult in here because obviously Zara fancies him as well, it’s a bit awkward, it’s a bit weird, but it is overall quite a nice feeling that I might have a chance to get that.”

As the two single ladies continued in their quest to impress Adam, the wrestler also had his eye on a third female – Sophie. Chatting to Terry, Adam confessed: “Sophie’s very pretty though. And she’s my type. She seems so tight with Tom though. And I don’t know if that’s because they’ve had to be together from day one.”

With Tom out of sight in the Beach Hut, Adam grabbed his opportunity and struck up a conversation with Sophie:

Adam: “If I got offered to take someone on a date, I’d probably want to take you. Probably wouldn’t go down well.”

Sophie: “No it wouldn’t. But the decision lies with you at the end of the day.”

Adam: “Do you think Tom might get a bit…if I’m talking to you too much though?”

Sophie: “Yeah he will. He’ll be worried.”

Adam: “But I’ve got to get to know everyone you know. That’s why I don’t have a lot of guy friends because people see me as a threat.”

Sophie: “Single hot guys are always a threat.”

Adam: “With an Irish accent. You like it?”

Sophie: “I love it.”


During a candid chat in the Beach Hut, Sophie wasn’t ruling anything out: “I like Adam. He seems really canny, but obviously I am with Tom and I don’t really want to upset him.”

Sure enough, later that day, a text came through to Adam’s phone offering him the chance to get to enjoy some one on one time with more than one of the girls:

Adam, this afternoon you’ll be spending alone time with some of the girls away from the villa. You’ll be leaving shortly, please choose the girl you’d like to spend the time with first and ask her out. #playthefield

With Adam opting for Zara and Olivia, Sophie was relieved she had avoided a potentially awkward scenario, coming clean to Tom about her concerns: “I was nervous there. Because I spoke to Adam earlier. And he said that if he got asked to take a girl on a date, that he might potentially want to take me. And I was just really nervous. He said that I was his type. So it just filled me with a bit of nervousness/dread.

“But on my part if he did, it would be purely as friends. There’s not really any romantic connection there for me. He is attractive but I was just s***ing myself a bit, because I know how you would react. I’m actually quite relieved. I can relax now. It has put me on edge. You need to speak to him Tom. Please speak to him. I knew I would have to tell you, but I thought he might. He really should. Please don’t be mad at me though. I feel like it’s a weight off my chest passed onto yours.”

A seething Tom made no secret of his resentment towards Adam: “If he’d came and spoke to me I’d have more respect for him. Now I’ve got zero respect for him. At all. He’s a player. Wants to play the game. He can take his Irish accent and f*** off out of here.”

Zara and Adam’s flirtatious repertoire continued as they headed to a vineyard for the afternoon, but not before Zara reminded him of her proudest career achievement:

Zara: “What do you think to the whole Miss Great Britain thing, be honest?”

Adam: “If it’s something you’re passionate about then do it.”

With Zara remaining coy over how she really felt about Adam, he admitted: “It’s good you don’t give everything away, that’s good. I think when it’s on a plate that’s when guys lose interest. They might still go there, but I think a chase is good and a bit of teasing. It just adds a bit more excitement.”

Zara: “So maybe if I put my Victoria’s Secret nightwear on tonight, would that be teasing you?”

Adam: “Definitely. Deffo. I don’t like wearing much in bed.”

Zara: “It’s a good job cos I don’t either. You’re making me blush.”

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2.

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