Simon Cowell signs Britain’s Got Talent Boogie Storm!


Simon Cowell has honestly gone and signed Britain’s Got Talent Boogie Storm.


The Britain’s Got Talent Stormtroopers Boogie Storm have been signed by the talent show’s boss Simon Cowell.

Simon has signed Boogie Storm to Syco Entertainment and now they’re planning a worldwide tour.

Boogie Storm failed to win the show, coming third overall in the competition.

Their original audition video has been watched more than 25million times.

One of the Stormtroopers, Lee said: “Since the series ended we’ve signed with Syco, Simon Cowell’s label, and an agency called ROAR Global,

“I think Simon saw the potential for a brand in us, and a massive following, and he stuck to his guns the whole way through the show and supported us. So, although we were actually third in the competition, to have him we’re winners aren’t we?

“All the way through, from the audition right through to the final, he believed in us. That means the world to us and it proves what a strong act we have. He kept telling us not to take our helmets off, wherever we were, because he knew that would be best for us. He didn’t want to break the illusion and it worked. Not even he knows who all the dancers are, the only ones he knows are me and Robbie.”

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