Big Brother 2016: Ryan Ruckledge ’embarrassed’ following his sicky in the garden!


Ryan Ruckledge has revealed to Big Brother that he’s embarrassed following his sick-spell in the garden.


Ryan drunk way too much yesterday, and decided to share with the nation, in the garden, his impressive skill of projecting vomit.

Speaking about this sick-spell, he told Big Brother: “How embarrassing on the first night, throwing up outside…

“I looked like I was on a hen do… My beer goggles have worn off and I realised I was a desperate little tramp just craving for attention”.

Ryan goes onto discuss about wanting to get in the main House: “I will be quite ruthless in getting in there…I’m not leaving here as an other”.

In tonight’s show Ryan finds out he’s connected to one of the housemates, Sam.

He goes into meltdown mode, saying: “Oh my god he tried to take two of my exes from me.

“Get me into that fun*ing house now. That guy is going to wish I was never in the fuc*ing place, I swear to god…I am raging”.

Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5 from 9pm.

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