Big Brother 2016: Chelsea becomes one of ‘The Others’


Chelsea Singh has been moved into The Other House after tonight’s live twist.


In tonight’s live show both houses were gathered on their respective sofas, awaiting further instructions from Big Brother.

First, The Other Housemates were told “Big Brother needs you to make a decision. You must choose which housemate is the biggest horror.”

The Other Housemates agree to allow Jayne to get her revenge and choose Chelsea due to Jayne’s dislike of him.

Hughie explained “We pick Chelsea because Jayne’s description of him was horrible/ the time she spent with him was horrible and we didn’t know who else to choose and I don’t really know what i’m talking about”

As a consequence Chelsea was called to the Diary Room by Big Brother whilst his other housemates watched.

Big Brother said “Chelsea, you are not alone, just a few metres from where you sit is the other house, they are not housemates, they are the others. The Others have been plotting against you, trageting housemates and causing paranoia. For the last two days they have been haunting the house and just now they have made a decision which could haunt you for the rest of your big brother days. You are about to vanish from the Big Brother house, you are no longer a housemate.”

“Chelsea, you are now one of the others, you should join them now where you will fight to win back your housemate status”

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