Andrew Tate to launch his OWN Big Brother after being axed by the show!


Ex-Housemate Andrew Tate is going to launch his own Big Brother following being kicked from Channel 5’s series.


Big Brother producers unexpectedly removed Andrew Tate from the house after a sex tape surfaced.

The ‘violent’ footage was confirmed as sex tape role play made with an ex-girlfriend back in 2012.

Since being axed from the show, Andrew has revealed he’s creating his own Big Brother show to The Mirror.

Andrew revealed that he’s cashed in on being axed after it ‘almost cost him his reputation’, he told the paper: “I’ve got a pile of money from all the interviews I’ve been doing and I’m going to use it to rent a mansion for two months,

“Right now, I’m on the look out for some interesting housemates to be filmed 24 hours a day. There’s going to be a constant live stream online and it’s going to be crazy!”


He joked: “But there won’t be any morons on this show. Housemates are going to have to take an IQ test so that conversations stretch beyond the world of fake tan and social media.”

It’ll be called Daddy’s House and Andrew is planning to provide contestants with free booze during their stay and will eliminate ALL rules.

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