Max Schneider writes song for Christina Grimmie called ‘Christina’s Song’!


    MAX has written and sang a song for Christina Grimmie called ‘Christina’s Song’ – Listen here.

    Max Schneider

    Max Schneider, known professionally in music and on YouTube as MAX, is an American actor and singer.

    Max has written a new song especially for Christina Grimmie, who was sadly shot and killed at a fan signing.

    In a quote about the song, Max said: “You were so kind. So loving. We all wish you were still here with us but pray you’re in a better place. Rest in peace Christina. You will continue to inspire and bring joy to all of our lives every day.”

    Max has said the song will be on iTunes, Spotify, etc soon. All proceeds from this song will go to Christina’s family fund and charity.

    The chorus of the song reads: “Turn off the news it must be wrong,

    “This can’t be true, can’t believe you’re gone. How can they say, ‘you’re where you belong’,

    “You should be here, and I shouldn’t be singing this song”

    Listen to the song below:

    We’ll update this article with purchase links once they’re released.

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