Big Brother 2016: Find out what happened when the houses merged!


In tonight’s episode of Big Brother we finally see The Other House and The Main House merge, but the transition is not quite as smooth as you might think.


Back on Friday night’s show, The Others were revealed to the Housemates, they were told that The Others twist would soon be over. However, before this happened the two houses would be going to war in order to win control of the house.

The Others won the first task which involved all sorts of challenges ranging from downing disgusting shots to a spelling bee.

This afternoon the two groups went at it again with a brand new head to head battle and this one was physical and messy involving balls and gunge.

The Housemates won this task leaving things equal going into the final challenge where the rival teams had to unlock a series of boxes by selecting keys which corresponded to answering questions correctly about their fellow Housemates or Others, the housemates won this task as well, winning them control of the house.

During tonight’s show Big Brother announces to both houses that the housemates have won control of the house, the right to nominate and immunity for the week. The Others are asked to move into the house to become housemates, they are greeted by cheers from the house.

The budding romance of this series has been between Georgina and Jackson with Jackson telling Big Brother: “I was trying not to look at her but as soon as I caught eyes with her, I was like a child again! I don’t know why! Is it Romeo and Juliet when he can’t be with her cos they are in different firms? But in the end they just get together! It’s like that.”

Lateysha plays cupid and tells Georgina to let Jackson know that she likes him, he smiles, “That’s all I’ve been wanting to hear!”

Later that night Jackson asks Evelyn if he can share a bed with Georgina. In bed, Georgina tells Jackson, “I’m expensive! I love shoes and bags!” He tells her he ‘likes’ her and kisses her on the lips

Natalie wastes no time stirring trouble as she sits down with Sam to tell him that she doesn’t like Hughie, and him and Ryan have been sharing a bed.


And it doesn’t stop there, in the garden, Natalie tells Lateysha that Hughie has called her a ‘[email protected]

Lateysha tells Big Brother that she’s annoyed with Hughie for judging her.

In the bedroom, Lateysha confronts Hughie him calling her a [email protected], “I know what you’ve been saying about me. You seem like a nice guy to me, I’m not going to judge you. So please, in future, don’t judge people.” He replies, “For me as a traveller I know what it’s liked to be pre-judged.” He apologies and the pair hug

Meanwhile, Jason and Charlie finally tell each other how they feel. Jason tells Charlie that he will ‘have her back in the house’. Charlie reveals that she has told The Others about how she treated him. The pair hug

In the diary room, Jason is talking about Charlie, “It makes things harder for me. My main concern is for her to be happy. An unhappy Charlie is not the best Charlie to be around.”

In the smoking area, Charlie tells Jason, “I don’t mind top and tailing with you! I’d like to have a little cuddle with you.” She states that she will ‘fight for him’ and ‘seize the opportunity’

Jason and Charlie are talking on the bedroom floor. She asks him ‘what direction are they going in’. He replies, “We are not together. We are in the Big Brother house, you are putting me in a position again.” She gets up and joins Jayne in bed.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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