Tom Hiddleston looks well fit in his W magazine photoshoot!


Our prayers have finally been answered here at TCG and we couldn’t be happier!


Avengers actor and all-round sweetheart Tom Hiddleston appeared in this month’s W magazine and apparently his clothes weren’t invited to the photoshoot. What a shame, eh? *WINK*

Accompanying the steamy pics were some actual words in the form of an interview, which we’re obvz just as excited about, y’know, being the serious journalists that we are.

Despite being rumoured as the next James Bond, Hiddleston revealed he wouldn’t make a very good spy.

“Right now I’d make a terrible spy, because everybody knows who I am. They’d be like, ‘What are you doing here?’ But Susanne Bier, the director of The Night Manager, said that she thinks I am very enigmatic and good at keeping secrets.”

As well as this, Tom mentioned his surprise that his #hiddlesbum was cut from a Night Manager episode, when it aired in America.


“I was surprised to hear that they cut my butt out! I’m here to tell you that my butt is not dangerous. And there are many, many more dangerous things that people are happy to broadcast. I don’t know what that says about the world we live in, but it probably says something.”

Having actually viewed the uncensored ep, we can confirm the US definitely missed out. RULE, BRITANNIA!

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