Big Brother 2016: Housemates receive phone calls from home!


Some of the housemates get emotional in tonight’s show as they receive phone calls from home.


In tonight’s show, this week’s shopping task commences as housemates are offered even more temptations, housemates can either choose to resist the temptation and receive loyalty points for the house or give in to the temptation and spend the house’s loyalty points.

Firstly, Sam, Jackson, Lateysha and Laura are called to take part in the task. Jackson tells his housemates that he won’t turn around, as he doesn’t want his housemates to suffer. Housemates advise him if he’s given a temptation, he should turn around.

Jackson and Lateysha are tempted by a video message from their children. Lateysha immediately turns around, however Jackson Lateysha, Laura and Sam plead him to push his pod button.

Jackson and Lateysha are overcome with emotion whilst watching their children on a plasma screen in the garden. Lateysha yells; “She’s walking! She’s walking!”

The happy pair return to the house, greeted with hugs from their housemates.

Alex uses up five loyalty points to see his sister, she tells him everyone is proud of him.

Next up as part of the task, Evelyn is tempted with a phone call from her father in Australia, Chelsea is tempted with a phone call from his daughter, Charlie is tempted with a phone call from her best friend and Jayne is tempted with a phone call from her nephew.

The four housemates turn around to receive their calls.

Evelyn’s dad tells her that he’s proud and it’s good to see her doing house work.

Jayne’s nephew explains to her; “There is someone in the house that is being very creative with the truth behind your back. Make sure you address it and that he knows you mean business…” She believes that her nephew is talking about Chelsea

Charlie’s best friend advises her; “Please stay away from him [Jason], he’s a snake, he wants to win!”

Chelsea’s daughter tells him she’s proud and misses him.

As housemates used up all their loyalty points, they failed this week’s shopping task

In the bedroom, Jayne is relaying her phone call to some of her housemates; “I’m f**king fuming. He said a certain person is spreading lies about you.”

On the sofas, Jayne asks Chelsea if he has been spreading lies about her. He denies it and asks what she’s been told on the phone call. She tells him that she will ‘now stay clear of him’.

Watch all of the drama unfold tonight at 10pm on Channel 5.



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