Derren Brown’s Ghost Train at Thorpe Park FINALLY opens to the public!


Derren Brown’s terrifying new Ghost Train at Thorpe Park has officially opened, after launch delayed TWO months.

Derren Brown’s Ghost Train is Thorpe Park’s biggest investment to date.

Derren Brown’s Ghost Train resides in a 2,306 metre square warehouse that has been painstakingly replicated based on a Victorian building in Willesden by the railway. Even the finest of details have been considered with the build of this new attraction, down to the bonding of the brickwork.

The ghost itself, is the Ghost Train, it acts as a portal which takes you into a new dimension – a dimension created by the wizards of Merlin Magic Making who oversee the design and build of extraordinary experiences to over 100 attractions worldwide, alongside illusionist and mind manipulator, Derren Brown. Each individual element of the new attraction has been built bespoke from scratch.

As the world’s first multi-sensory theme park experience – using the very latest VR technology with live action actors, guests will never have experienced anything like this before. The VR is courtesy of HTC Vive, a new type of headset that offers real-time movement and high definition, released to the Park early for integration whilst still in development.

The technology has been merged with special effects including vibrating floor plates and self-steaming windows amongst other surprises along the way.


The build has taken 375 days and counting on site and has been over three years in the making.

Derren Brown said: “I am very excited to be launching my Ghost Train at Thorpe Park and can’t wait to get it started with all elements fused together.  Initial reactions in stage 1 of VR testing gave delighted and scared test subjects in equal measure and that wasn’t even on board the ride itself.

“From training the actors to working closely with the Merlin Magic Making team and the technology outfitters this has been an incredibly hands on project for me, and an experience that is entirely different from writing TV shows and stage performances as the experience needs to work without me.

“Yes, there is a hidden message, an underlying story that has been pinned into the narrative – this is a ride with a mind of its own, that has been produced to mess with your mind, so why not provoke thought also.”

According to Thorpe Park, the Ghost Train which is rated PG13 – will have the longest restriction list in the theme park’s history.

You can ride the Ghost Train at Thorpe Park from today.

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