Thorpe Park’s Colossus ride evacuated after rider ‘puts leg outside of the cart’!


Earlier today Thorpe Park had to evacuated riders from the Colossus ride after a rider broke one of the rules.

Credit: Twitter/eurodan
Credit: Twitter/eurodan

Colossus has a massive ten exhilarating inversions including a vertical loop, cobra roll, double corkscrew and the UK’s only quadruple barrel roll.

It’s been reported this afternoon staff operating Colossus had to evacuate riders from the ride.

Riders were walked down from the ride and everyone got off safely.

It had been evacuated because a rider put one of their legs outside of the cart.

A Thorpe Park spokesperson said: “We stopped Colossus because a guest ignored our ride restrictions and put their leg outside of the cart while on board Colossus which was spotted by our vigilant staff on CCTV.

“Therefore we stopped the ride as soon as possible and evacuated all guests.

“Colossus is back up and running.

“All guests must keep their arms and legs inside the cart at all times when riding our rollercoasters.”

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