Big Brother 2016: Housemates decide as a group who should be evicted!


In tonight’s show Annihilation week begins as housemates must decide as a group which housemate they would like to evict.


Big Brother has gathered the housemates on the sofa to deliver a cruel twist.

This week housemates numbers will be decimated. Housemates start to speculate, ‘no ones safe’. Lateysha and Laura liken Annihilation week to ‘The Hunger Games’.

Housemates continue to speculate, Jason comments; “We don’t know if it’s daily. All we do know is it’s against each other and not to do with the public.”

For the first round of Annihilation week, housemates have been gathered in the Big Brother deliberation room.

Housemates must then decide as a group who should be evicted.


Jackson states to the group: “It will only make sense to go around the table, as hard as its gonna be, and state one name and then take it as a group decision. Go by your own head and be honest.” Housemates are in agreement

Housemates take it in turn to announce the name, and the reason why, of the person they wish to evict.

The group come to a decision; Big Brother announces the name of the fifth housemate to leave the Big Brother house – Did you think we’d reveal the name of the fifth evicted housemate? You’ll have to wait until tonight’s show, sorry!

Some housemates are emotional, and the evicted housemate is given 30 minutes to pack before leaving the house.

Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5 from 9pm where viewers will see the fifth evicted housemate.

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